About Us

Leveraging the power of group buying on a
global level.level.

What is BlocBuy?

BlocBuy leverages the power of group buying on a global level for businesses and consumers alike. Powered by a library of customized smart contracts coupled with the transparency of the blockchain, the BlocBuy exchange is poised to revolutionize commerce where the most transactional volume lies; in the commercial layers of our economy.

What does it solve?

⦁ Eliminates cost-adding intermediaries in the supply chain.
⦁ SMEs and start-ups struggle to reach minimum order sizes.
⦁ Group purchasing allows everyone to receive scale discounts.
⦁ Manufacturers interact directly with buyers - no middlemen

Our vision

So many blockchain projects are theoretical. Our vision is to add value in the here and now with the following business requirements:

1 - Utilize existing blockchain and smart contract capabilities.
2 - Have a clear pathway to profitability.
3 - Contribute to the health of our planet.
4 - A project where our supporters grow with us.

Disintermediation by design. 02

A Global
Problem Solved


Material cost savings are realized across all layers of purchasing, manufacturing and distribution.


A disintermediated supply chain and consumer-direct
model saves our planet’s valuable resources.


Acquires raw materials, manufactures a product, adds margin.


Taxes, import, transportation and pick-up costs.


Marketing, branding, employees, margins are all added costs.


Fuel, labor and additional carrying charges.


Buys in volume, adds margin and sells to retailers.


Shipping costs to retailers.


Rent, staff, merchant fees, marketing and massive margins.


Works too hard to pay all these unneeded costs.

A Real Business

We are firmly dedicated to long-term sustainable growth. 03

With a mind numbing $80 trillion in annual commercial expenditures, intermediaries not only tax the environment but are costing businesses and consumers, trillions. BlocBuy is not a supply chain project. Our aim is to create a seamless union between manufacturers and their customers.

Macro View
Commercial Expenditures 80 trillion
Consumer Spending 30 trillion
BlocBuy's Targeted Industries
Construction 11 trillion
Packaging 1 trillion
BlocBuy’s customized smart contracts and blockchain powered platform are poised to
usher in the economy of tomorrow.


Flexible API

Business Logic on the Ethereum Blockchain

BlocBuy’s group buying model and smart contract development are the needed tools to disintermediate the supply chain
that will empower consumers and manufacturers everywhere.

Trustless Buying and Selling

When deployed, the world will see a completely trustless network of buyers and sellers. From purchase logic, to shipping and fulfillment, to community governance, our smart contracts will power a new and independent economy.


Businesses move fast and the services they utilize
should be no different. With our portal,
the verification process and lead time to offering
their product should be smooth and swift.

API Documentation

As a means for broad adoption, we want our API users to integrate quickly and move forward with their software development. Our API documentation is developer-focused and a first-in-class reference manual for businesses looking to harness the power of the BlocBuy Platform.

01 Consumer Portal

Modern UX/UI with scale business logic paired with our custom smart contracts. A seamless user experience powered by the Ethereum blockchain.

02 API Plugin

The BlocBuy API will be available for integration with all of our 3rd party business partners. A robust API will allow for a greater network effect.

03 Wallets

BlocBuy is not just a group buying platform. Our smart desktop and mobile wallet will offer a buyer protections and escrow for secure purchasing.

04 Business Portal

Our B2B interface will allow companies looking to participate in group buying, trustlessly.

A structured plan for adoption. 05


Q2, 2019

  • Full Rebrand
  • Exchange Listing
  • ERC -20 Token Swap
  • New Website
  • Community Re-Lanuch
  • Modify Business Processes
  • Restructuring Token Supply
  • MVP 1.0 Soft Lanuch

Q3, 2019

  • MVP 1.0 Soft Launch
  • Private Beta
  • Signees -Gross Revenues of 1b
  • Customized Library of Industry Specific Smart Contract
  • Phase 1 Development Small Business Suite


  • Escrow and Group Buying Smart Contract Mainnet
  • Deployment of Tailored Contracts
  • API Development
  • Signees- Gross Revenues OF 5b
  • Community Governance Outreach
  • OTC Token Assignation

Q1, 2020

  • MVP 2.0 Soft Launch
  • Signees -Gross Revenues of 10B
  • Beta Full Suite Small Business
  • BBY Token Promo Initiative

Q2, 2020

  • Community Leaders Liaison
  • Credit Bridge – Flat to Crypto
  • DTC Platfom Leasing Initiative
  • Integration Full Suite Small Business
BlocBuy Partners 06

Our Partners

Serial entrepreneurs and pedigreed professionals make hay while the sun shines. 07